A Floor Coating Product Catalog For More Qualified Leads

A digital floor coating product catalog works well with a cost calculator on your site and will produce more qualified flooring leads.

A Downloadable Floor Coating Product Catalog

Offering a downloadable product catalog increases your value to a prospect and progresses them closer to the bottom of your marketing funnel. For example, a floor coating product catalog with swatches can be a beneficial resource for prospects who are interested in experimenting with different interior looks. If they can imagine a decorative floor coating in their home or business with a coating design you offer, it brings them closer to choosing you. It can also establish your business as top of mind for them in your market because you offer them real value and meet their immediate need.

A Digital Product Catalog Attracts Qualified Flooring Prospects

A product catalog serves as a terrific lead magnet for your target audience. You attract concrete coating prospects closer to making a decision about installing a floor coating. Ideally, you want to target people who are middle-to-late in the buying process and ready to make a purchase. A PDF product catalog is an informative and educational lead magnet which captures their interest and primes them before they start requesting quotes.

A Well-Designed Product Catalog Strengthens Your Brand

Think of your digital product catalog as a "leave-behind" that sells to your prospects anytime and anywhere. Your downloadable product catalog reasserts your unique value proposition, expertise, social capital, and professionalism. Your product catalog can also help build your relationship with your supplier by working with them on photos and specs. There are several types of information you may want to include in your floor coating product catalog, including:

  1. Showcasing your products: A floor coating product catalog allows you to showcase the different types of floor coatings you offer and highlight their features and benefits. This can help potential customers better understand your products and make informed purchase decisions.
  2. Providing technical specifications: A product catalog can provide technical specifications of your floor coatings, such as application instructions, drying time, and coverage. This can help customers determine if a particular coating is suitable for their needs.
  3. Increasing brand awareness: By offering a product catalog, you can increase brand awareness about previous projects and establish your company as a leader in the floor coating industry. This can help build trust with potential customers and improve the credibility of your business.
  4. Providing customer testimonials: Testimonials build social proof for your excellent customer service and high-quality products. They also present an opportunity to showcase your diverse installation projects and gain larger commercial projects. 
  5. Upselling existing customers: A product catalog can be a valuable tool for upselling to existing customers. By showcasing the different types of floor coatings you offer for other requirements, you can encourage customers to purchase more floor coating installations.

Floor Coating Product Catalog As Lead Magnet

Ideally, you want to provide your floor coating product catalog in exchange for a prospect's name and email. After all, you are offering them helpful material so they can make an informed decision about a new floor coating investment. There are several ways to offer a downloadable product catalog on your website:

  1. Create a PDF version: The easiest way to offer a downloadable product catalog is to create a PDF version of your catalog and provide a link to download it on your website. You can create the PDF using software like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat or Canva, and then upload it to your website for visitors to download in exchange for their email.
  2. Add a download button: If you have an existing product catalog on your website, you can add a download button that allows visitors to download the catalog as a PDF in exchange for their email. This can be done using a plugin or by adding custom code to your website.
  3. Include it in a welcome email: If you offer the product catalog as a lead magnet, you can include the download link in a welcome email to new subscribers. This can help you build a relationship with potential customers and provide them with valuable information about your products.
  4. Promote it on social media: Once you have the product catalog available for download on your website, you can promote it on your social media channels to reach a wider audience. Be sure to include a call-to-action and a link to the download page.

A Product Catalog Is A Valuable Marketing Tool

A floor coating product catalog can be a valuable marketing tool for your business. Offering a downloadable product catalog in exchange for a prospect's name and email address presents the opportunity to showcase and sell your services at all times of the day. In addition, when you sync your product catalog with an online cost calculator, you will attract more qualified concrete coating leads, and increase your organic traffic for long-term business growth. 

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