How To Create Excellent Lead Magnets For Your Flooring Website

How are you getting in front of qualified floor coating leads and building a relationship with them?

I see concrete coatings contractors often exclude a lead magnet on their site, and I don’t understand it. If you create an excellent lead magnet, it is a free piece of information that has value to a visitor. If the lead magnet does its job, the visitor will provide their name and email address in exchange for it. The result is a fantastic opportunity. You can develop a relationship with your flooring lead through personal, engaging, and informative emails.

As a concrete coatings contractor, I’m guessing you already have a good grasp of your customer persona based on many conversations. A lead magnet allows you to use this information and start the selling process. Engage your floor coating leads and guide them through the process. Inform them about installing a floor coating. Use personal communication, and you will have a high close rate by the time you speak with them.

If you create an excellent lead magnet, you start the buying process for a prospect in a non-threatening way. Most often, someone in the market for a new floor considers aesthetics first. They may be serious about their intent or just casually looking, but it usually starts with the look. Offer a lead magnet addressing aesthetics, and you can separate yourself from your competition.

A Catalog Lead Magnet Starts The Buying Process

Frequently, a prospect wants to know their options. For example, “What are my color options?” “What are the different styles available?” These straightforward questions let you delight them with ideas and combinations they didn’t think would be possible. You can do this with a lead magnet. 

I have found a complete, but brief catalog works well as a lead magnet for a situation like this. A catalog offers many advantages:

  1. It provides time to enhance your unique selling proposition. You can include something you do not have on your site and highlight more information about projects your business has completed.
  2. It saves you, and your prospect, time. They get to see the styles, colors, and functionality available to them conveniently without interrupting your workday. Plus, they will not feel unwanted pressure to answer follow-up calls just for requesting a catalog over the phone.
  3. It begins establishing trust with your prospect because you give them what they want (and hopefully delight them) at that stage of the sales process. I have found swatches displayed with vendor numbers helps assure them they will get what they want because each number correlates with a color and style recipe.
  4. It starts a dialogue with the prospect because they have given you their name and email by downloading the catalog.

You can now begin communicating with them using an email sequence and guide them to the next sales process step.

An Instant Quote Lead Magnet Helps Close The Sale

Sometimes, a concrete coating lead will be farther along in their journey and be more interested in the cost of a new floor and comparing prices. Traditionally, this is where floor contractors have relied on the prospect to call them without having established any prior relationship. A representative then visits the home or business owner to give an in-person quote and depends on the one visit to develop a relationship and get the sale. Unfortunately, in-person quotes are time-consuming for both parties and are often accepted as “just the way the process works.”

A quote lead magnet saves valuable time and helps build transparency and trust with the prospect. There are many other benefits of using a quote lead magnet. 

  1. I have tested many formats and found offering flexibility and convenience pays off. Not requiring the visitor to submit their name and email before gaining access to the quote form gives them the freedom to enter different combinations and costs at their leisure. In this way, access to a quote form goes against traditional thinking, but this method offers real value to the prospect. On average, a visitor will spend as much time on the quote form as reading a blog post. I have also seen call conversions steadily increase, and the quality of leads go up. 
  2. The prospect is un-pressured to submit their contact information, and when they do, it results in high-quality leads that close eighty percent, or more, of the time. If visitors want to save their quote form, they need to submit their contact information, including phone number. Once they choose to keep their quote, a representative receives a notification and gets back to them within an hour.
  3. Real value gains trust. A quote form configured with realistic pricing of the market and that shows options with real-time totals resonates. Once a representative schedules an in-person consultation to verify the quote, the prospect understands better their flooring desires and questions. The result is a meeting where both parties are more informed.
  4. Realistic cost options offer room for an incentive to close the deal. In addition to providing an un-pressured, flexible, and convenient quote experience that builds trust with the prospect, a percentage discount can delight the visitor and sway them to choose you. Most often, pricing among you and your competitors is similar, and the determining factor comes down to who the prospect likes the best. Using a quote lead magnet that includes an added discount presents an opportunity to give you an advantage over your competitors.

Create an excellent lead magnet and you can empower your prospect in their decision-making and support that you have their best interest in mind. In addition, it is a significant first step to qualify visitors and communicate your value as a concrete coatings contractor, which will lead to better and bigger leads. 

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