How To Create Social Media Content To Attract More Concrete Coatings Customers

Social media is a powerful platform to build relationships with prospects and attract more concrete coatings customers. It allows you to create value for your service directly with people and consistently interact with them, so they begin to like and trust your business. Human behavior tells us that the more something is said to us, the more we believe it. Most people make decisions based on emotion, whether they admit it or not. Posts on social media are experiences you are creating for prospects that they can come to expect and enjoy about your company.


Format a post for engagement and sharing. 


Posts present an opportunity to delight prospects and attract more flooring leads. Most concrete coatings contractors post similarly: show a standard new floor picture, one sentence about the project, and a call to action. As a result, businesses do not use posts to exceed expectations positively. However, extraordinary images with descriptive content surprise people and increase people's likelihood of engaging with and sharing your post. 


Feature your pictures in an orderly way to attract your viewers. For example, include multiple photos showing the finished product first, followed by photographs showing the process, and finish with another final product image. This order of pictures encourages people to imagine and relate the process on their floor.


Better yet, aim to show people something they haven't seen before, and this could exponentially grow your audience. Bright and clear videos of projects done with creative transitions from before to after, time lapse videos with something quirky to surprise the viewer, and beautifully slow pans from multiple angles to show you working and the new floor coming together help delight your audience.   


Structure written content to go along with your project photos. Start with an attention-grabbing headline. I find a headline in the form of a question or that piques curiosity works well. Next, briefly summarize the project and its benefits to the customer. Follow this brief statement with another paragraph that describes specific needs and the additional benefits of the chosen flooring solution. Finish with your call to action along with popular and specific hashtags at the very bottom of the post. 


This post format works well for any social media. For example, I find more specific information about product solutions, and the application steps work well on LinkedIn to attract commercial prospects. In addition, on LinkedIn, your post can document techniques and materials to highlight your expertise to general contractors, architects, and facility managers (Download our case study about documenting a project for LinkedIn). On the other hand, homeowner prospects on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest require fewer specifics. 


Other tips for attracting more flooring leads with social media posts. 


Consider when you post to strengthen visibility. A social media calendar helps to stay organized and consistent. It allows a quick overview of your monthly content, so there is no redundancy, along with the days and times you post. Therefore, you can be sure to have posts scheduled each week at set times. Posting early in the morning, lunch, end of the workday, and evening generate the best results. 


Occasionally vary the content to show different dimensions of your business and attract more concrete coatings customers. Always be on the lookout for clients willing to share their flooring success stories and provide testimonials. These social proof examples help sway people who are uncertain about your service. They help prospects "experience" the success of your clients and choose you over competitors.  


Provide home tips and renovation ideas for residential prospects. Going beyond flooring with insight and recommendations from experts such as interior designers increases your value to prospects. Post their input about the latest trends and complementary products to concrete coatings that will enhance your flooring solutions. 


Share company milestones and events to build personal relationships with prospects and gain their trust. Posting this type of company information presents them with opportunities to like you and your employees. Express that you value the people behind your brand and their contributions to serving customers. These types of posts offer transparency to prospects and build your credibility as a company. 


Use video content. Video has the power of communicating sight, sound, motion, and emotion. It is particularly effective at showing the context of product use, which is influential in getting prospects to imagine their floor transformed. For example, show a new floor you installed for a client in their furnished room with people using the space. Video their testimonial on the new floor. Professionally done videos of this content will delight your prospects and make your posts stand out from the competition. 


Provide an unexpected, positive social media experience.


Set your social posts apart from your competitors by providing content they do not. Delight your prospects with posts that educate and present them with things they haven't seen before. You will gain their trust and attract more concrete coatings customers.


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