How To Increase Online Awareness For Your Concrete Coatings Service And Get Great Leads

You want to reach new qualified prospects online for your concrete coatings service, and there are many ways to do it. Floor coatings marketing to increase awareness consists of listings, content, lead magnets, optimized website pages, posts, ads, and public relations. These produce a potent strategy to get more decorative flooring leads and commercial flooring leads. Once you position your coatings business to take advantage of these marketing tactics, you will receive consistent, long-term growth. So let's get started and see what is needed to increase your online reach and awareness.

Use the power of placing your concrete coatings service on local listings 

  • Placing your business' name, address, and phone number (NAP) in local business directories is one of the first steps to take to achieve more local search results. Show your information accurately and consistently in directories such as Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, Bing Places, YellowPages, Yelp, and WhitePages. Search engines don't like it if your business info varies from one listing to the next, so I suggest double-checking the information is the same on each one.
  • Use geo-based listings such as Google Maps and MapQuest that will display your Concrete Coating Marketing Online service on location results.
  • List your business information on social media site pages as well, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media apps make it easier for app users to find what they are looking for, so it is essential to include your business information in them.
  • Niche and paid listings can be effective as well. Services such as Angi, Home Advisor, Networx, The Blue Book, and other lead generation sources will list your business according to industry and type of work needed. Still, there is a price, and it can be very competitive.  

Write localized content to increase visibility of your concrete coatings service

  • Great content optimized for local searches is a powerful tool to drive organic search results. Helpful information on your site that addresses critical questions your prospects have increases the chance your business will show in the "Local Pack" of Google results. The "Local Pack" listings are the first organic search results below the top of the page ads, and therefore highly valuable.
  • Content on your concrete coatings service home page will include a paragraph summary of each product you offer, such as epoxy flooring and polished concrete. Include links within the paragraphs to longer-form content. Long-form content allows you to dive deeper into the subject matter and answer more questions your visitors have. A content page, such as a blog post, will have a minimum of 800 words which drives longer session time on the page. Search engines like websites that have longer visitor sessions because it means the content is engaging. 
  • Compelling written content will include keywords tied to good monthly traffic and your local area. Content also needs to be optimized with proper metadata providing your city and description with the keywords. More people searching will see your business on the first page in the "Local Pack" results with optimized information. 
  • Finally, include content that competitors have on their site, and you do not. Also, spend time thinking about content competitors do not have on their site, which will be valuable to prospects and customers. Filling in these content gaps will increase the probability that your site will show higher in search results. 

Use lead magnets to acquire email addresses

  • Lead magnets are an excellent way to continue building your awareness and acquire new customers. Many flooring contractors do not use them, which is an opportunity for you to gain market share. A lead magnet offers something in value to the visitor in exchange for their email. High-value items such as checklists or case studies provide visitors with easy-to-consume information. 
  • Once visitors give you their email address, you have an exceptional opportunity to build a relationship with them and turn them into customers. A sequence of follow-up emails can address questions, concerns, and other information to take them through the buying process. Each personal email gives them your phone number to contact you if they like, and often they will. Lead magnets allow you to nurture good quality leads for better and bigger jobs.

Increase viewer impressions with display advertising

  • Display advertising is tricky, but you will boost your your concrete coatings service's awareness and acquire customers efficiently if done correctly. Many impressions are available for display advertising, so your ad will appear in front of more internet visitors than in search advertising. More ad impressions translate to a lower cost per click on your ad as well. On average, concrete coatings contractors can expect a cost per click on display ads of 10% compared to search ads. 
  • Display ads can be used in all parts of the marketing funnel, but they work very well for mid-funnel and bottom-of-funnel ads. Over the years, I have learned that certain ads used with retargeting ads perform well. For example, I can achieve, on average, a 5x higher conversion rate than the average for Google Display, a $1.30 cost per click, and a $44 cost per lead for epoxy flooring. Conversions can include calls, lead magnet downloads, and contact, which are good-quality leads that convert. Compare this to services that charge $70 per lead. 

Expand your reach with the vast YouTube audience

  • There are gobs of new videos uploaded each hour on YouTube, which provides more impressions than display and a cost-per-click in cents. YouTube search queries are often "How To's", and while you don't want to target determined DIYers with your services, there are strategic ways to get in front of your prospects for high-quality leads. Content topics and related channels that your prospects will be interested in are a great place to reach them.
  • Video is dynamic and engaging, which is why YouTube remains a leading search engine. Well-produced video of your projects with yourself as narrator allows unique and personalized content. Viewers can understand the value you present in a minute, leading them to visit your site. You then have the opportunity to offer a lead magnet for added value, receive their email, and start building a relationship with them. You can also retarget them with more ads that continue to express value.

Trigger organic sharing with valuable social posts

  • A social post with the correct recipe of good writing, valuable information, and eye candy can exponentially increase your awareness. Each social post is a moment for expressing value. Personalize a written post by describing the goal of the project and the custom solution. A fabulous first photo followed by images showing the process and then finishing with more final images attracts the viewer. Liked and shared posts can help reach your target at no cost, which makes it worth it.
  • Social posts used as ads increase organic growth too. All engagement appears with the same post ID, whether it is the ad or the original post. When an ad and post have the same ID, engagement numbers are larger, reinforcing social proof behavior. Social proof behavior is when someone is influenced to make the same choice that many other people have made. A popular post can affect many other similar people to like or share it, growing your reach quickly.

Leverage the power of publicity

  • Getting your story into the media is difficult, but the payoff can be dramatic. Services like HARO (Help A Reporter Out) provide opportunities to share it. Gaining publicity usually involves a bit of time, but there are shortcuts to take so that you can quickly submit your story to meet the immediate request of a reporter. By pre-formatting your response to fit a request, you save yourself and the reporter's time. If your answer to a request gets a follow-up and you get into a publication, you can see a surge of qualified inquiries. 
  • Let your good deeds be known. If you and your concrete coatings service are doing something great for the community, let media outlets know it. Local news outlets love stories that benefit the local community, and getting coverage will strengthen your local search results. News websites will likely post the story and link to your site, which increases your Domain Authority. 
  • Use public speaking to grow your Domain Authority too. If you speak for groups or associations, request that their website link to your site. This type of link is called a backlink, and backlinks from reputable organizations like .gov or .edu can significantly improve your search engine results rankings. 

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