How Do We Measure Floor Coating Digital Marketing?

I measure floor coating digital marketing, and I have been able to test and refine my strategy over the years to understand what delivers good-quality concrete coating leads and acquires new customers.

Floor Coating Marketing Data Points

I set up conversions and track data points in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Social Media, and Email to be able to analyze campaigns for the following:

  1. Calls. Good-quality calls are the most critical metric.
  2. Form submissions from lead magnets, site contact, and ads.
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Cost per conversion
  5. Click-thru rate
  6. Time spent on-site for visitor engagement.
  7. Traffic acquisition to learn from where visitors come.
  8. Page depth on site.
  9. Bounce rate to know percentage leaving after viewing one page. 
  10. Social engagement
  11. Social shares
  12. Traffic source
  13. Organic keywords
  14. SEO keywords

Next Steps

I measure floor coating digital marketing according to each plan I implement. Please review the floor coating marketing plans and decide which tactics best suit your needs. You may contact me by going here, and we can then discuss generating more qualified floor coating leads for your concrete coatings service.