What Do I Need To Start Marketing Floor Coating Services?

Implementing my strategy for marketing floor coating services requires your website to be connected to software tools. The software tools allow me to track visitor data, set up targeted audiences and conversions, add website content, do posts, send emails, and advertise your business. Ideally, you have the tools integrated with your site already and need to grant me access to use them. If you don't have accounts set up for them already, I will do this for you and ensure I have permission to access them. 

Tools Needed For Marketing Floor Coating Services

  1. Google Analytics. Requires an account in your business name and a website code snippet to track visitor data.
  2. Google My Business. Requires you to register your local business with Google so that your business can appear in local search results.
  3. Google Ads. Requires an account in your business name and a website code snippet to set up ad campaigns and retarget visitors.
  4. Facebook and Instagram. Requires an account in your name, a business page, and a website code snippet to view data from posts, set up ad campaigns, and retarget visitors.
  5. Your website. I will need access to upload posts, set up lead magnets, and create landing pages for marketing floor coating services.
  6. Email service provider. Requires an account such as Mailchimp linked to your website to send sequenced email campaigns from lead magnet submissions.
  7. LinkedIn accounts. A personal and business page to post articles and share them with followers and group associations. 

The tools will allow me to efficiently run your marketing and advertising so that you can start seeing results after the first month.

Next Steps

Please review the floor coating marketing plans and decide which tactics best suit your needs to reach floor coating service prospects. You may contact me by going here, and we can then discuss generating more qualified floor coating leads for your concrete coatings service.