Build Customer Loyalty

A full-proof way to build customer loyalty is to stay relevant and interesting to your existing flooring customers without pushing a sale. Instead, look for opportunities to stay in front of your customers with information that expresses enthusiasm and caring for what you do. Your excitement about new happy customer reactions and beautiful installations can share your passion. Finally, show your appreciation by giving back to your customers uniquely.

Customer Testimonials

Let your happy customers know they are not alone by sharing many customer testimonials and forming a mini-community around your flooring services. If a person had a positive experience with your company, they naturally like seeing other people feel the same way, and this forms a type of bond between them. Plus, we are naturally curious, and like to see what others have to say for social proof. The result is a supportive group united through the experiences you gave them.

There are many ways to gather and display testimonials. An easy way is to include a request to review your services with a link to your Google Reviews. Add testimonials and this link to your marketing emails, in your email signature, on your website, and on social media. You should also show customer video testimonials on YouTube, in your marketing emails, and on your site. There is nothing like video to show sight, sound, motion and emotion. Showing testimonials these ways will significantly add to your credibility and lead quality.

New Project Updates

Most likely, customers of a floor coating service enjoy home improvement in general, and would like to see other floor installations you completed. Include your new projects in marketing emails, social media, and gallery website pages. Emails and social media are particularly effective and will get existing customers into the habit of checking your website gallery more often and lead them to provide you with referrals.

$100 For A Referral

Reward your customers for sending a referral that converts to a new customer. Keep the process simple by only requiring the converting customer to give the referral contact information and then immediately sending a check to the referrer with a handwritten thank-you note. Aim to get written and video testimonials of referrers quickly getting a $100 cheque for simply sending you a new customer and sharing it through emails, website, and social media.

Offer A Free Giveaway

Reward customers and keep them attentive to your messaging. An excellent example of building loyalty is offering a floor maintenance package with all the recommended flooring products to clean their floor and keep it looking gorgeous. Do a Twitter or Facebook post and offer a free maintenance package to the first 5 or 10 people who say why they like their new floor for your business with specific hashtags you want them to use.

A larger giveaway can go viral and create more positivity around your business. For instance, a free polishing or resurfacing before the holidays valued at $1,000-$2,000 is a big deal. Let people know about the upcoming giveaway through email, social media, and your site, and do a live video drawing. You can also share the video through the same marketing channels and as mentioned above, get a testimonial and photos from the winner.

Community Sponsorship

Sponsoring community events and teams create awareness and interest in your services without selling. Local sponsorships can be cost-effective when done strategically. Think about your target market and what you're sponsoring, and how it will resonate in the community. If a human-interest story is part of your support, share it with the media. Local media love stories that benefit the community, especially if a good personal story is involved.

Show Your Enthusiasm And Appreciation For Your Customers

It resonates when you show enthusiasm for your work and gratefulness for your customers. Use the examples previously mentioned as a guide, and do it consistently. Your customer base will grow organically for steady, long-term revenue growth.

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