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Get More Floor Coating Leads With Our Proven 6-Point Services

Gain better leads and bigger jobs for your epoxy floor coating business. Our epoxy floor marketing and advertising services deliver high-quality leads by attracting inquiries, engaging with your prospects online, increasing awareness of your business with organic SEO, addressing your prospects' questions about floor coating installations, and nurturing relationships with them with consistent contact. I also save you from Google and Facebook setup costs.



“ I just wanted to let you know that we have been very busy and having our best year in a decade. The new emails and content keep bringing in leads and sales. ” - Lynn S.

“ It looks like revenue will be up 35% year over year and we keep getting good calls. ” - Mike S.

“ Thanks for all of your hard work. It's awesome. This marketing is long overdue. ” - Chris P.

Digital Ads to Acquire More Floor Coating Customers

Receive FREE setup of display and search ads (savings up to $1,125). Epoxy flooring ads and other concrete coating ads allow you to target residential and commercial floor coating prospects by geography, interest, demographics, and intent while also retargeting them. We set up and implement concrete coatings advertising campaigns that hit your target market and deliver high-quality leads that are easier to close. Display and search ads reach the full range of epoxy flooring prospects and convert them to leads. Your ads will produce valuable conversions like online instant floor coating quote submissions that give you job size, desired floor coating, and current floor condition to help you close epoxy floor coating leads.


Listings To Grow Leads for Floor Coating Installations

Receive FREE listings of your business across the web through YEXT. We offer this $499 annual value to keep your business and contact information consistent so you will show up in more search results. Plus, we keep your Google Business profile updated with content so you maximize appearing in local search results for epoxy and other floor coating leads. We provide weekly posts in your Google My Business profile highlighting your area projects so your local content remains fresh. This helps get you in the Local Pack results, and engage your prospects' interest. You also benefit from geo-based listings in Google Maps and Mapquest to further help your brand in location results.

Residential & Commercial Floor Coatings Content

Inbound marketing content that helps consumers understand the benefits of floor coatings for their sector helps ensure your floor coating installation services can be easily found in local or regional search results. We provide content that educates consumers about your floor coatings' durability, maintenance, aesthetic options, and cost-effectiveness. Not all flooring needs are the same, so we also customize content to sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, etc., which helps convert floor coating leads.

With your help, we will also highlight your project portfolio, specialized concrete coating installation training, certifications, or affiliations, and relationships with homebuilders, interior designers, and real estate agents in your area. Finally, we can share how your floor coating contractor business is staying up with flooring trends and addressing concerns about the environmental impact of epoxy products or the safety of the installation process. Content addressing these areas of information increases your business' competitiveness and help alleviate consumer reservations about choosing your contractor business.


Attract New Floor Coating Customers

A lead magnet starts the buying process for a prospect in an engaging way. A lead magnet is information a visitor values, and that is provided in return for their contact information. If the lead magnet does its job, you will capture the visitor's email address and potentially more to use in marketing. Examples of a lead magnet can be an instant quote, checklist, trend report, case study, comparison infographic, or an exclusive discount. The result is a fantastic opportunity to develop a relationship with the lead through personal, engaging, and informative emails that address their needs.

Social Media Marketing Targeting Flooring Prospects

Social media is a powerful platform to build relationships with decorative floor coating prospects and acquire more customers. It allows you to create value for services like garage epoxy flooring and basement epoxy flooring directly with people and consistently interact with them, so they begin to like and trust your concrete coatings business. Posts documenting your installations build trust with your prospects and shows results they can expect and enjoy with your company.

Email to Close Concrete Coating Leads

Email marketing allows you to engage your leads and reemphasize the benefits of your concrete floor coating customer service and installation process. Emails are another, non-threatening way to sell to your leads when you're not in front of them and remove obstacles to choosing your concrete coating services. By building your relationship with leads using email, you increase the likelihood of closing the sale.


Automated Responses to Nurture New Flooring Leads

Automated lead interaction helps you acquire and close good leads while they're hot. Studies show the odds of closing a lead once they contact you decrease dramatically after the first five minutes. I can help you interact with new leads by setting up an automated process. Automated SMS messaging, email, and phone prompts can interact with leads and book them for an appointment.

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