How To Better Target Customers For Concrete Floor Coating Services

It's not easy to better target customers. It's most likely that you know your ideal customer, but reaching them and getting them to contact you for their project can be a bit tricky. In addition, prospects are often mobile and could become a lead at any time of the day or night, making targeting more critical. A well-rounded, well-thought-out strategy will hit your target market and deliver good-quality leads. So let's look at a comprehensive approach that places your marketing message in front of them when they are most interested in your services. 

Target your best customers geographically. 

You probably receive your best leads from 1-3 geographic areas fifty percent of the time or more. Target these areas in all paid advertising and use the location names in your content. For example, I can target a ten-mile radius covering high-income zip codes for Google and Facebook ads. I can also specify zip codes and cities for more precision. If 50%-80% already comes from these areas without advertising, these areas are low-hanging fruit to target and will produce the right leads. 

Target prospects when they are in a life stage looking for your service. 

You can better target customers through Google and Facebook, which provide excellent opportunities around life stages. For example, people search for products and services around moving, business formation, and remodeling, which are great stages to target. Options include targeting before and after a stage, which is also helpful.

Target prospects when they are actively in the market for your service.

Google in-market audiences are actively searching for products and services, and this usually falls within a couple of weeks before purchase so that these audiences can work well. As a result, these audiences will be at the bottom half of the marketing funnel. There are in-market audiences related to flooring and garage which can be great for concrete coatings contractors.

Reach your specific customer demographics.

Target your ideal customer so you maximize money spent on reaching people that will purchase your service. For example, homeowners, ages 35-64, with a $300,000 or more household income, work well. Obviously Google cannot track everyone, so be sure to include the "Unknown" box in targeted demographics as this can be pretty helpful in getting more good-quality leads.

Target the content your prospects seek.

A worthwhile tactic to better target customers is placing ads on websites that host content your prospects seek. Google allows targeting of specific websites, and you can quickly gauge their effectiveness. Start with a broad list of sites, and you will begin to see which sites are a good match for your services and generate clicks for your ads. Next, narrow down the selection of websites based on ad performance. You can also use the most productive sites as a custom audience. Targeting websites is an excellent tactic for both residential and commercial leads. Finally, once you have the sites that convert, you can scale your budget to get more conversions.

Targeting Facebook interests is another productive tactic to get in front of your prospects. While Facebook has decreased its detailed targeting options due to recent restrictions, options such as "recently moved" and "garage" interests help create audiences. Lately, finding good interests to target seems more challenging, so search many interest categories to see what is available.

Use Search ads to target keywords specific to your services.

Search ads reach your prospects when they want information and are a bottom-funnel advertising tactic. As a result, search ads can be very competitive and demand a higher cost per click. In addition, they use specific keywords that your prospect will use in their search, and therefore, a significant number of ads and keywords need to be used to reach many possible inquiries.

Avoid wasteful spending on search ads by using longer, specific keywords. Think of all the possible search inquiries your prospects could use, and apply them as keywords in ads. Google's Search Console, which lists the terms people typed before clicking to your site, is a helpful tool for generating new keywords as well. Search ads can be cumbersome but an effective advertising source to generate valuable leads.

Retarget visitors to your site until they convert to a lead.

Visitors who have already visited your website are the lowest hanging fruit to convert into quality leads and customers. Retargeting audiences in Google and Facebook use many options but mostly rely on the content visitors viewed and their session duration on your site. Then, sequenced ads based on the visitors' behavior guide them to converting.

Sequencing ads allow you to show one ad based on previous behavior, such as visiting a particular page and following up with another advertisement if they have yet to do what you want them to do. If the visitor converts, your targeting excludes them and focuses solely on non-converters up to that point.

There are many behaviors available to create audiences. Popular audiences comprise actions such as visits to a specific page, button clicks, video viewership, session duration, scroll depth, and page depth. Retargeting is an essential component to advertising and marketing your services for better and bigger projects.

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