Posting For More Commercial Epoxy Flooring Leads

Properly posting flooring projects will have prospects gain trust in your contracting business and increase your commercial epoxy flooring leads.

Describe Your Floor Projects

It's more than just posting before and after pictures of your installations for Commercial Flooring Leads prospects. Facility managers, general contractors, business owners, and architects are savvy when understanding a flooring contractor's competency level. These professionals want to know the details of installations, so it is better to give them this information on the front end.

Introduce Floor Installation Objectives and Your Flooring Solution

Introduce the client's needs and objectives for their floor installation and your business' floor coating solution. Start with describing a hypothetical or actual situation the client fears happening to draw in the prospect's attention. Critical problems like flooding, concrete cracking, or incorrectly installed floor coatings are costly and a nightmare for businesses that can't afford downtime.

Like a job interview answer, your proposed solution should reflect your knowledge, expertise, and experience. Describe the current situation for the client, what action you're taking to address their needs, and the results you will get them. If you can describe a similar case study where you provided an excellent installation and the client was happy, perfect.

Describe Preparing The Surface For Your Floor Installation

A commercial floor coating installation usually involves a series of steps, so breaking the process up into parts with pictures for the reader works best. First, start with surface preparation, accompanied by photographs. In this part, describe the equipment used to create a clean surface profile and what materials you used to clean and fill joints in the concrete. Finish this section by including the flooring benefits offered by your surface preparation.

Specify The Material Coatings And Equipment Used For the Application

In this part, get into the details of the equipment and materials used. Mentioning your suppliers' products will help them share the post with their LinkedIn followers and get you more visibility. For example, what primer did you use and at what spread rate? Be sure you link to your supplier's products so they can easily paste your post into their feed.

Next, write about what you used to apply the primer and why. Did you apply it a certain way to meet specific guidelines by the FDA or some other organization? As with every process step you document, conclude with the client benefits of doing it that way.

As you proceed through your process steps, continue with the same format previously mentioned. Describe the coating materials used, how you applied it with your chosen equipment and why you did it that way. Again, please include links to your supplier's products, and conclude with the benefits of doing the steps the way you did.

Show Before And After Project Photos From The Same Perspectives

Take photographs of the floor installation process from the same perspective in each area. Photographing your floor installation this way makes it easy for your prospect to see the differences from step to step clearly. In addition, by visually documenting your project this way, you build the prospect's trust in you and will gain more commercial epoxy flooring leads.

The last thing you want to do is take photos from inconsistent angles and areas. Making it difficult for prospects to understand your process builds friction against trusting you, and it can make them doubt your competency.

Highlight Special Floor Coating Installation Areas

Bring attention to any parts of the project that can highlight your installers' superior skill set. Did you install a cove base by hand, or create a unique custom design in a foyer? Stick with the same description format and include materials, equipment, links to suppliers, why you did it the way you did, and the benefits of doing it that way.

Meet The Demands Of Your Commercial Flooring Prospects

Pharmaceutical, food production, healthcare facilities, and retail establishments often have a wide range of demands on their flooring. You can show your prospects how your flooring company can provide multiple levels of protection and performance to fit their needs by the way you post flooring projects.

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