Should I Offer An Online Quote To Get More Flooring Leads?

Stronger Online Presence For More Flooring Leads

The best way to get more flooring leads is to improve your online presence, and an online quote form is an excellent way to do this.

When you build your online presence, your services show up more often to your target audience than your competition. The more frequently you appear in front of your target audience for relevant questions, the more they will grow acquainted with your brand and associate you as an authority in the flooring business.

Getting A Qualified Flooring Lead

Once a prospect has done their research online, they're ready to look at costs, and this is where you can get an advantage over your competition. An online quote builds your credibility because you're asking relevant questions that will determine a fair price, and you make it easy for them. For example, your prospect selects their floor coating, location, and current floor condition and enters their floor size to know what their floor will cost immediately.

However, you need their contact information to give them their quote; this is where you sweeten their engagement. You provide them with the incentive to submit their quote. A 10% discount works well if you're pricing reasonably according to your market. Expect fewer results if you're not pricing appropriately because a serious prospect will know the prices other contractors offer.

Another way you are sweetening the interaction and building trust is by providing upfront pricing and a discount. Do this instead of a generic discount that many contractors offer without an indication of price. As a result, you build your brand and authority because people are more likely to purchase from brands they know and trust. Business transparency is more important than ever, and this is a simple yet effective way to get more flooring leads.

Nurturing Your Flooring Lead By Being Responsive

To convert as many leads as possible, you must respond to queries immediately, build a relationship with them, and remind them of your value.

Step 1

An online quote fulfills the first step of being responsive by allowing you to respond immediately to their inquiry. According to Hubspot, almost 2/3 of buyers expect to get a response within 10 minutes. Another report by Velocity shows that if you respond within a minute of an online inquiry, your lead conversions can increase up to 391%.

Your instant quote helps convince your potential customer to work with you over your competitors. You are providing a detailed flooring estimate that meets their essential needs and demands. Once they submit the quote, you get notified instantly via email with their name, phone number, and email address.  Reach out to them. The online quote allows you to "break the ice" with them to have as much information about your lead as possible. 

Step 2

The next step is building a solid relationship with your lead since you know them better beforehand. With a phone call, you can learn more about their goals, objectives, interests, preferences, and expectations and how they relate to their budget. Understanding a lead will determine how far you can take your business relationship with them. Then, you can present your value as a flooring service one on one. You can discuss their needs and match them to your knowledge, expertise, and service.

As you talk with your lead on the phone, you set their "quote confirmation" in-person appointment. This appointment gives you another chance to strengthen the business relationship and make them a customer. You already have a pretty good idea of what they want, so now you eliminate anything preventing them from saying "Yes."

Step 3

Finally, the relationship building does not stop once you complete the "quote confirmation." The online quote submission triggers an email campaign to re-emphasize the benefits of choosing your company. The selling process continues with timed emails reminding the lead of your value, establishing more trust, and reducing any friction that prevents your flooring lead from saying "Yes."

An Online Quote Is A Great Tactic For Flooring Leads

You now know that offering an online quote is an excellent tactic to get more flooring leads. It gives you a headstart and improves your ability to convert more flooring leads. Also, building a solid business relationship with your customers from the beginning increases the likelihood of getting more referrals and growing your customer base.

Ready to get more flooring leads? Start now.

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