Why It Is Better To Generate Your Concrete Coating Leads vs. Using A Lead Service

Let's think of using your marketing strategy to generate concrete coatings leads and a lead generation service as if they are two ways to fish.

Imagine that you pay a fishing guide for a spot they recommend. You go to the place, do your standard setup, and start fishing. Within the next minute, countless boats speed into your site, anchor, and start casting lines all around you. Suddenly, the chance of you catching a fish just dwindled dramatically. If you do catch one, you are not optimistic about the result. You now wonder why you paid the guide.

Now imagine you are preparing to find a place on your own. You learn the weather's impact on water temperature, water bed topography, fish movement and behavior patterns, and the best bait for these conditions. You select a place, go there, do your standard setup, and fish. No other boats come to your spot. It is peaceful, and you leave after a few hours and five "keepers."

In my analogy, the guide is like a lead generation service, and the people fishing (and catching only with the most expensive lures) are the bidders for flooring projects. Unfortunately, many lead generation services send bidders to the same projects. This compounds the competition and drives up the price for a good-quality lead. Plus, good-quality leads from lead generation services continue decreasing. More concrete coatings contractors are becoming savvy with their digital marketing and peeling away leads for themselves. It's time to generate your concrete coating leads.

Improve How You Generate Your Concrete Coating Leads for Long-Term Growth

Digitally marketing a concrete coatings contractor business for long-term growth takes a little elbow grease, but once the parts are in place, the qualified leads start coming, and they are all yours. My strategy enables you to attract qualified leads from your website content, local searches, social media, email, and advertising which means you have multiple sources feeding your sales funnel. You educate your prospects and build a trusting relationship with them as the strategy continues to be implemented, increasing your presence in your local market. Then, you can expect to see more inquiries like this:

" Looking to epoxy seal my basement floor. Perhaps my garage as well. Would love to meet for a quote. I did submit online to see a ballpark. Thank you! "

" Good afternoon, I am interested in getting a quote to epoxy coat my pole barn. This is newer construction and the floor was poured earlier this year. The building in 30' X 40'. I would like to do some sort of gray/tan floor with flakes in it. This is pretty standard in residential garages I have seen. This pole barn will be a shop area where I will mainly restore classic cars. Please email me a quote. "

" I am constructing a new ranch home, ( 3400 sq ft ) just south of ______________________. The garage is approx 1600 sq ft and the unfinished part of the basement is approx 2600 sq ft. I want both floors covered. We just completed rough mechanics and begin Drywall next week. You can usually reach me most afternoons at ###.###.4172. "

" We have a 5800 square foot new construction office area that we would like a quote for polished concrete. The project is at the ____________ facility in ______________________. "

Position Your Business to Market Your Concrete Coatings Service

Position your concrete coatings business to take advantage of online tools and resources, and you will see local awareness of your business go up while your cost per lead goes down. Many lead generation services do not have the time or resources to optimize local leads simply because they are focused on revenue and profit. As a result, you can expect to pay an average of $70 or more per lead. On average, my marketing strategy will generate a $15-$40 cost per good quality lead. While most lead generation services optimize on a global level, I help optimize on a local level and grow your market share.

Generate your concrete coating leads because lead generation services can sometimes be part of an unscrupulous, dirty world, placing a contractor at the mercy of bad leads from questionable sources. For example, a lead generation service can rely on a source that uses misleading ads, such as a giveaway incentive, to get information, regardless of quality. Another dubious tactic sources to lead services use is co-registration, which has someone register for an offer while completing an application for a home or auto loan. Your own transparent, exclusive marketing strategy lets you know where your leads come from and avoids wasting your time with bad lead sources. As a result, you put your business in the position to optimize for better leads and bigger jobs over time.

Ready to Improve Your Floor Coating Leads?

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